Treatment & Injection Services

With All Smiles Home Health Care, you and your love ones do not have to worry about giving injections or remembering to administer important  medications – our team of registered nurses and medical care providers can help you.


Giving yourself or a loved one an injection or taking medications can be one of the more intimidating aspects of providing health care for yourself. It’s a big responsibility and when not done properly can actually cause more complications accidentally.
Our team is compassionate for each patient we serve, and are committed to caring for each patient uniquely for their specific treatments and needs. To learn more about how our treatment and injection services can help provide you relief, please call us at (818) 788-4180 or go to our Contact Us Page.

Our In-Home Nurse Treatment and Injection Services

All Smiles Home Health Care team has extensive experience helping patients of all ages and medical conditions. We aim to provide personalized relief for administering for yourself or a loved one who is in need of treatment and injection services. Our team of caring and certified nurses can assist with the important duty of administering most treatments and injections including:

  • Measuring and Monitoring Medication Dosages
  • Regular or Routine Treatments and Injections
  • Specialized Medical Care
  • Immunization Shots
  • Pain Management
  • Chemotherapy Treatments
  • Picking up and Refilling Prescriptions
  • Antibiotic Treatments
  • Overall Health Monitoring and Progress

While we do our best to list all of our services here, providing medical care is a very personalized manner that is unique for every case. We aim to provide our patients with the best care that is custom to their needs and medical conditions. If you’re still not sure that All Smiles Home Health Care can assist you with your particular medical need, please feel free to call us at (818) 788-4180.

Top Benefits of In-Home Medical Care with All Smiles Home Health Care

It can be financially draining and time consuming to travel to the doctor’s office on a daily, weekly, or even on a monthly basis for treatments or injections. There can be many reasons why someone would not want to have to be going constantly to a medical facility. With All Smiles Home Health Care our team of licensed nurses will come to you and will provide you assistance with medical treatments and injection services. Giving yourself or a loved on a medical treatment or injection can come with complexations, but our team of caring and specially trained team can assist you in the privacy and comfort of your home.