Speech Therapy

For all of us, communication is a vital part of what makes us enjoy life. Because of this, if we begin to lose our ability to speak and to converse with friends, family and other people we meet, it can have a profound impact on our psychological well-being.

However, problems with speech and communication need not be so troubling for a patient and their loved ones. Modern speech therapy techniques have been shown to be highly effective in giving the gift of communication and eloquence back to a patient, dramatically enhancing enjoyment and quality of life.

This is precisely what Speech Therapy services from All Smiles Home Health Care are designed to provide.

The Scope of Speech Therapy

While speech therapy is predominately designed to assist patients as they work to communicate effectively and to keep on enjoying life, its scope is actually far broader than this. These are some of the duties which the speech therapy team at All Smiles Home Health Care are trained to handle;

  • Helping patients redevelop the motor functions required to gain control over their speech
  • Assisting with building cognitive functions to overcome problems with language and understanding
  • Assessing aural ability and working to treat and manage hearing disorders in the patient
  • Providing assistance in teaching safe and appropriate swallowing techniques if the patient requires this

The above duties are designed to provide comprehensive assistance and support to patients and their families. By encompassing oral and auditory function development, as well as assistance with eating, swallowing and understanding, the speech therapy team’s work integrates with the other care divisions at All Smiles Home Health Care. The result is a comprehensive level of care and peace of mind for the patient and their friends and family.

The Benefits of Speech Therapy from All Smiles Home Health Care

Undergoing speech therapy has a wide range of advantages, both to physical and to emotional health and well-being. Take a look below and find out how you or your loved one can benefit;

  • Better communication with friends and family
  • Greater levels of independence through better comprehension
  • Improved auditory function
  • Enhanced enjoyment of meals through safe chewing and swallowing techniques
  • Peace of mind for patient and loved ones, thanks to reduced choking risk

If you feel that you or a friend or family member needs the speech therapy services provided by All Smiles Home Health Care, get in touch with the team today. We are waiting to hear from you and to offer our support.