Shift Care Nursing Services

Choosing Shift Care Nursing Services can help provide professional assistance for you or a loved one for a wide range or specific set of needs at given times or range of hours. The All Smiles Home Health Care compassionate team of professionals carefully craft care plans that are completely customized based on the individual needs of each patient and their schedule. Our staff is equipped to provide shift care services based on many different circumstances.

All Smiles Home Health Care Shift Care Services

When you or a loved one are not well, it can sometimes be intimidating with how many things can pile up. Our team at All Smiles Home Health Care can provide relief and assistance for various reasons. Below we’ve listed some of the main services that we offer, but if you’re still not sure if we can assist you with your customized medical plan please feel free to give us a call at (818) 788-4180.

  • Ambulation: staying stationary to long can cause other medical complications. Ambulation is the process of assisting a client in rising from a seated position, to moving forward into a walking apparatus, assisting with putting on special braces and prosthesis, guidance walking around, as well as a variety of motion exercises.
  • Bathing: when someone has a medical condition that prevents them from being fully alert due to illness or medication, or perhaps need some extra physical assist with bathing. The most common methods for bathing are in the tub/shower or sponge bathing.
  • Cleaning: having a medical illness or condition can make taking care of personal care tasks around the house frustration or cumbersome. We can help provide cleaning services for common areas such as cleaning beside area, cleaning the bathroom, changing bed sheets, making the bed, and general clean-up around the living facilities.
  • Dressing: medical conditions can be physically complicated, and sometimes it can impair movement of the body to get dressed and undressed. We can provide services with helping to get dressed and undressed as well as helping lay out clothes.
  • Feeding: getting food sometimes requires alternative methods for getting food. In some cases eatting by spoon or bottle are necessary, but sometimes it just needing assistance with eatting utensils,assistance on standby, and encouragement when needed.
  • Grooming: with our services we can help you shave, brush your teeth, apply make-up, and assist with nail care as well.
  • Laundry: gathering, loading, washing, unloading, folding and putting the laundry away can be a physically demanding task. Our team can assist you in all the steps needed to wash your clothes. If needed, our team can even drop-off and pick-up specific items to go to the professional cleaners.
  • Meal Preparation: our trained staff can also assist you with cooking, serving full meals, warming up prepared dishes, making portions easier to eat, and purifying food based on each patient’s condition.
  • Pet Care: watching after your pet or pets can be challenging when faced with a medical situation. Our team is equipped to assist with most pet care, including walking, feeding, and transporting the pet to appointments if needed.
  • Shopping: while a lot of shopping these days can be done online, some items require a person to go pick up the items. We can assist with preparing a shopping list, going to store to pick up items from the grocery, picking up medications, as well as helping to put everything away at your home.
  • Toileting/Restroom: we can help provide relief for changing diapers, assistance getting on or off a bed or seated position, helping with hygiene needs, and being nearby for assistance.
  • Transfer: we can also assist with non-ambulatory movements from one stationary position or another. Our staff is also trained to help with specialized medical transfer equipment, such as slide board, hover lift and more.

While we do our best to list a lot of the medical shift care services here, providing medical care is very personalized and special for every person. We aim to provide our patients with the best care that properly fits their needs and medical conditions. If you’re still not sure that All Smiles Home Health Care can assist you with your particular medical need, please feel free to call us at (818) 788-4180.