Home Health Aides

For those who are homebound due to an age-related illness or a disability, taking care of even the basic living essentials like changing linens and preparing meals may not be possible. Our certified home health aides have experience in assisting with daily care needs and are understanding and supportive, while still enabling their patients to enjoy living at home with as much independence as possible.

Physical Therapy

Following an injury, disease or surgical procedure, taking proper care of your body is essential in order to ensure a healthy recovery and optimal well-being. Trying to do too much too soon, or alternatively, not exercising the body enough or exercising incorrectly, can inhibit the treatment process and even lead to further injury.

Occupational Therapy

For those who suffer from a debilitating physical or mental illness or who are recovering from trauma, surgery, or any other event that has impaired mental or physical function, life can become difficult. Occupational therapy offers and answer, and can transform a challenging situation into one of empowerment and self-sufficiency. At All Smiles Home Health Care, our goal is to equip our patients to get the most out of their situation through tailored occupational therapy services.

Speech Therapy

While speech therapy is predominately designed to assist patients as they work to communicate effectively and to keep on enjoying life, its scope is actually far broader than this. These are some of the duties which the speech therapy team at All Smiles Home Health Care are trained to handle.

Social Services

A chronic or severe illness or injury can be life-changing. Tasks that once were simple and straight-forward become difficult, tiring and drawn out, while activities which used to be enjoyable become a chore.But this does not mean that a patient simply stops enjoying life.

Nutritional Services

While recovering from a major illness or surgery, or for those who are facing a serious medical condition, proper nutrition is paramount in order to encourage healing and to help the individual experience the greatest degree of wellness that is possible. Not only does the body require adequate nourishment, but specific issues require a tailored diet.

Shift Nursing Services

Choosing Shift Care Nursing Services can help provide professional assistance for you or a loved one for a wide range or specific set of needs at given times or range of hours. The All Smiles Home Health Care compassionate team of professionals carefully craft care plans that are completely customized based on the individual needs of each patient and their schedule.

Treatment and Injections

With All Smiles Home Health Care, you and your love ones do not have to worry about giving injections or remembering to administer important  medications – our team of registered nurses and medical care providers can help you.