Nutritional Services

While recovering from a major illness or surgery, or for those who are facing a serious medical condition, proper nutrition is paramount in order to encourage healing and to help the individual experience the greatest degree of wellness that is possible. Not only does the body require adequate nourishment, but specific issues require a tailored diet.

All Smiles Home Health Care offers comprehensive nutritional services for individuals who are homebound and either coping with or recuperating from a medical condition. Our experienced registered dieticians know how to work with each patient as an individual in order to determine how best to meet nutritional needs and support well-being.

In the comfort or their own home, our patients can receive the best care from one of our registered occupational therapists. Our therapists work towards increased independence and well-being, while also coordinating with each patient’s health care team and family caregivers. We take a caring approach, offering not only guidance and training, but also the encouragement that patients need to move forward with their lives.

A Dedicated Approach

Our dieticians work closely with each patient’s team of care providers, including home health nurses and physicians, along with family members, to deliver supportive nutritional care. We start by evaluating the unique needs of our patient, taking into account health history and current nutritional status and working to identify any deficiencies or critical nutritional needs.

Next, we assist with making the appropriate dietary modifications that are specific to every condition, as well as each individual’s particular circumstances and medication schedule. Putting the comfort and well-being of our patients first, our dieticians spend the time to help make necessary changes rather than making suggestions and expecting them to manage without dedicated care.

In many cases, people who are coping with a serious disease or who are recovering from a major procedure or injury have to undergo a sizable dietary transformation. We understand what is involved in such a lifestyle change and are here to provide full support to get our patients on a path to health. Our dieticians are available for guidance, questions and coaching on how to add the right foods into the diet, cooking techniques, and even tips for enjoying a restricted diet.

Finally, we give ongoing nutritional counseling. By offering this extra step, we are able to help our patients and their family feel secure that they are getting the best nutrition possible through their diet – and thereby are doing everything possible to support healing.

Our home nutritional services are available for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Burns
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Post-Surgical Procedure

It is our goal to empower our patients with the knowledge and nutritional guidance that will put them on the path to health. Contact All Smiles Home Health Care today to learn more about our nutritional services.