Home Health Aides

For those who are homebound due to an age-related illness or a disability, taking care of even the basic living essentials like changing linens and preparing meals may not be possible. Our certified home health aides have experience in assisting with daily care needs and are understanding and supportive, while still enabling their patients to enjoy living at home with as much independence as possible.

At All Smiles Home Health Care, we realize that having to rely on someone else for basic necessities can be a difficult life transition. That’s why we are committed to delivering comprehensive services with kindness, empathy and respect.

A Supportive Approach for Home Health Assistance

When we are young, we take our independence for granted. We just assume that we’ll always be able to take care of our own fundamental needs. Sadly this is not the case for the millions of Americans who receive home health care services each year. The reality is that the nature of the ageing process, and of the diseases associated with it, means most of us will need some form of assistance over the course of our lives.

Being able to remain at home with the help of a certified home health aide, rather than moving into an assisted living facility or depending fully on family care givers, is a popular option. This is because of the comfort, dignity, security and familiarity that home provides.

Our caring home health aides will help with all the basic necessities. While each patient may have specific needs, the following are some of the common services that our professional aides can offer:

  • Meal preparation and grocery shopping
  • Eating assistance
  • Bathing and personal care
  • Dressing
  • Help with physician prescribed exercises
  • Help with remembering and taking medications
  • Light cleaning

Our home health aides work closely with each patient’s other health care service providers, doctors, nurses, and family members. We take this collaborative approach to ensure the highest possible level of care for each patient. This way all caregivers are working together to fully support the individual.

At All Smiles Home Health Care, we believe that everyone is entitled to a high-quality of life. Regardless of age, stage of life, or health status, through dedicated care, we are able to brighten the lives of each and every patient that we work with.

To learn more about how our certified home health aides can be of assistance, get in touch with us today.